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 Price list

An individual resident of the Inter-District may dispose of up to four passenger tires per person per month for FREE!
Highway used tires:

Passenger Tires, with WST number ..... (a) $0.00

Truck Tires, 19.5" and up,

(18 wheeler tires) with WST number ..... (b) $0.00

Passenger Tires,

without WST number ..... (c) $3.00

Truck Tires, without WST number

..... (d) $3.00

Mounted Passenger Tires

(on the rim) ..... (e) $5.00

Mounted Truck Tires

(on the rim) ..... (f) $30.00

Specialty tires:
Specialty tires:

ATV, Lawn Mower Tires,

Small Air Craft .....  (g) $2.00

Small Skid Steer, Small BobCat,

Implement Front Backhoe Tires, Medium Air Craft, Small Forklift Tires 






12x16.5 ..... (h) $7.00

Large Skid Steer, Large BobCat, Small Tractor,

Large Air Craft, Large Forklift Tires,





10x24 through 10x38

11x24 through 11x38

11.2x24 through 11.2x38

12x24 through 13x38

12.4x24 through 12.4x38 ..... (i) $10.50

All prices for tires off the rim with bead thickness up to but not over 2" measured from inside the tire bead to outside of the tired bead. Call Davis Rubber Company, Inc. for a quote to dispose of Specialty Tires not on this list: 1-501-374-1473

Specialty tires:

Inter-District waste tire program disposal fees

Medium Tractor, Road Grader Tires,

12x24 through 12x38

13x24 through 13x38

13.6x24 through 13.6x38

14.9x24 through 14.9x38

1200x24 through 1400x24 ..... (j) $25.00


Large Tractor and Industrial

14x24 through 14x38

15x24 through 14x38

15.5x24 through 15.5x38

16.9x24 through 16.9x38

18.4x24 through 18.4x38


20.8 through 20.8x38

10.00x20 NHS

11.00x20 NHS

12.00x20 NHS ..... (k) $35.00


Skidder Tires, Earth Mover Tires

..... (L) Call for quote


  • Doubble the price above for non-highway used tires mounted on the wheel.

  • We do not accept rubber mini ex tracks. Add $15.00 each for mini ex track handling fee.

  • Call Davis Rubber Co., Inc. for a price before loading tires not on this list or for tires with bead thickness over 2".

  • Solid rubber tires and foam filled tires, call before loading onto trailer.



Paige Davis

Davis Rubber Company Inc.


Desi Ledbetter​

Inter- District Waste Tire Program Coordinator


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